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so sick

Hey, how to use terminal

Cool idea & nice execution

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A few things:
1. The game crashes or hangs upon trying to enter Options mid-run (Only Options. Configurations works fine.)

2. Quote feels strangely floatier than he should.

3. I'm not a fan of Polar Star and Nemesis being the block maker and destructor respectively. I'd create new weapons to replace them in those roles and give Polar Star and Nemesis their original properties back as a random weapon spawn.

4. Consider giving an option to how high jump is handled ("charge" to high jump, "always" high jump, and "double" jump).

5. Lastly, I feel the first level for basic difficulty is a bit too overwhelming in the number of traps and how often they hide in a leap of faith, and how often high jump is needed to get out of situations.

6. The terrain generation FAILS to consider Polar Star, Nemesis and Charged Jump's status. So if you turned them off, you're likely to be SOL

1. Got it.

2. That's because the game is running in 60 fps.

3. Vanilla versions of them are kinda boring in my opinion, and also this decision was made at very start of development and I am not a fan of changing the game's fundamentals after so long.

4. "Always" high jump is frankly overpowered if you think about it.

5. I will think about it, thanks.

6. You are kinda not supposed to turn all of them off, but stages are beatable without one or two components being missing without changing the generation. 

It seems counterintuitive to just effectively remove two weapons enjoyed by many other Cave Story fans just because you didn't enjoy them. I would understand if it was your own game entirely, but CS is the base here.

I haven't had the chance to play it yet, though. I just wanted to respond to that point.

Nemesis is still usable as a weapon and there is Rifle if you want that Polar Star-like weapon.

It's actually possible to start a Depth 01 run in a small room with literally no way out if you disabled the Nemesis.


Wow, this is fantastic. Genuinely really good! I have to play some more to dig in a bit more, but wow, this is a lot of fun. Congratulations to you and your contributors!


Hi, Zierin705 here.

I genuinely did not expect this game to have an page.

I've beaten the game but only gotten the normal ending, would I get any spoilers from playing this?

Eh, not much, there is Hell tileset but that's it.



Thanks for adding my character in the game!


What a blast, I love all the different items and the crafting system. It feels like I haven't even scratched the surface of everything the game has to offer  (especially with all the different characters).

If you're on the fence, please try this game out! It's the best Cave Story fangame I've played so far!


what a great idea! i seriously want this kind of thing for every game, adds a ton of value.


10/10 fun game